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Friday, February 6, 2009

What is Katrina looking for in her man?

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Is Katrina Kaif, the sexiest Asian woman your dream girl? Then, read on to know what qualities does Katrina Kaif looks for in her man. Katrina Kaif, the current breathtaking actress of Bollywood is not just sexy but has an aesthetic beauty. Surprisingly, when most of the actors are trying hard to get a six-pack abs look, Katrina doesn’t pay a damn for such a look.

For Katrina six-abs and a goof physique are secondary things to be looked in a man. What she looks in her man is a good nature and attitude. She is looking for a man who is a perfect blend of humanity and modernity. This 24 years old beauty is currently in a love relationship with Salman Khan but still expresses what she is looking for in her man.

Katrina Kaif said, “I like those men who are useful to others. He should be a kind hearted and amicable. He should have the qualities of understanding others not just praises himself.”

Katrina also said, “Today every actor has a charming physique and all the actors look good but it is hard to maintain a good body for a long time. Earlier Shah Rukh Khan’s six pack abs were in trend but now Aamir Khan’s eight pack abs have become the talk of the town. “

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