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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hrithik liplocks with Barbara Mori in “Kites”

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Hey you Hrithik Roshan fans, it’s time for you to see you favorite actor on screen again and this time with a Mexican beauty, Barbara Mori. Yes, we are talking about Hrithik’s new home production “Kites” starring him, Barbara Mori and Kangana Ranaut in leading roles.

The spicy thing about “Kites” is that you will again see Hrithik in not just one but many lip locks in this movie with the sizzling Mexican actress, Barbara Mori. The Bollywood hunk has played many intense scenes with Barbara in his dad, Rakesh Roshan’s directed upcoming movie “Kites”.

On his kissing scenes in “Kite”, Hrithik stated, “There are some kissing scenes in ‘Kites’ and I don’t have any problem and I’ll be very comfortable to watch kissing scenes with my wife, son and parents.” “The kissing scene happened when we were shooting a dangerous sequence in Santa Fe. I reached out and kissed her on the cheeks. Barbara turned around to ask why I had kissed her on the cheek. I kissed her the way real-life couples would in the situation.”

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