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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kangana Ranaut’s nude scene censored from “Raaz 2”

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Bhatt’s dream of retaining Kangana Ranaut’s nude bathing scene in the upcoming Bollywood movie “Raaz – The Mystery Continues” has been shattered. The Censor Board Committee has ordered the makers to cut off the nude scene from the movie after a special screening.

Now, this cutting of the nude scene is not acceptable to Mukesh Bhatt, who says that the censor board has already given the movie an A certificate then why chopping off this scene. The Bhatts are trying options to approach the Revising Committee of the Censor Board.

Basically, in the scene, Kangana Ranaut is not scene vulgar been nude. She is covered with soap foams all over and gets attacked by the ghost for the first time and jumps out of the bathtub in horror. Mukesh Bhatt said few days ago that “I don’t want to release the picture as then I may have more difficulty in getting a U certificate for this film. I want a bigger audience for the film”.

Kangana has worn a body suit in the nude scene to create an illusion in “Raaz-The Mystery Continues”. According to a source, Censor’s objection is valid since the viewer will definitely feel that Kangana is nude in that particular scene.

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