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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Salman Khan going on Aamir Khan’s way

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Someone seems to be following Aamir Khan’s steps, guess who? Yes, it’s none other than Salman Khan. Earlier, it was Aamir who followed Salman’s footsteps in getting that beefed-up look for his latest release “Ghajini”. Now, Salman will follow Aamir’s footsteps in promoting strategies for his next movie “Wanted Dead And Alive”.

Salman Khan was impressed by the way Aamir Khan promoted his movie “Ghajini” with his publicity gimmicks, like multiplex staffers sporting unique “Ghajini” haircuts. Moreover, the way Aamir reacted and even showed making of his eight-pack abs in a gym, all this impressed Salman Khan.

Salman Khan has in fact told his producer Boney Kapoor to promote his movie “Wanted Dead And Alive” in a unique way. A huge set has already been erected for a photo shoot of this movie starring Salman Khan. Let’s see how successful Salman gets copying Aamir’s publicity style.

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