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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Katrina Kaif replaced by Minissha Lamba

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It seems that Katrina Kaif has bad days these days as she was first replaced as Akshay Kumar’s leading lady by Deepika Padukone in some movies and now look who’s replacing her. It’s the new damsel, Minissha Lamba, who is replacing Katrina Kaif in Bollywood.

According to some sources, Minissha still has some well-wishers in Bollywood, who want to save her dying film career. Akki, who used to recommend Katrina Kaif to producers, is now recommending Minissha to them. All this seems interesting and hints to the fact that soon Minissha will succeed in replacing Katrina Kaif.

Both Katrina and Minissha have never worked together but soon will become rivals if Minissha succeeds in replacing her in Bollywood. We assume then Minissha will have one best friend and that will be her savior Akki.

1 comment:

akash said...

I thought he likes cancerian gals,karishma,priyanka nd kat,bt now minissha?why try and save her dying career?people dnt like her,producers nd directors must get IT that she does'nt have IT!