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Monday, December 22, 2008

Katrina Kaif advices Salman to wear eyeglasses

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Bollywood queen, Katrina Kaif seems to have a tiff with beau Salman Khan. Recently, in an interview, Katrina gave Salman an advice of wearing eyeglasses. This advice came as a surprise from Katrina, who used to keep mum whenever questioned about Salman in her previous interviews and this sudden comment on Salman shows that something is wrong.

Katrina’s break up with the silence on questions related to Salman is seen as a reaction to Salman’s open discussions and talks about her in his interviews. Katrina didn’t talk about her last flop release with Salman suggesting to the fact that she doesn’t want to remember her flop movies even if they starred her opposite Salman.

Salman recently said that model Zarine Khan resembles a lot like Katrina Kaif. This comment that Salman made infuriated Katrina who said she is unique and there is noone like her and she would like Salman to wear glasses to see the reality that there is no similarity between Zarine and her.

In Bollywood, where pairing up and breaking off among stars is a usual thing, this rude or surprising advice of Katrina for Salman to wear eye glasses does hint to the fact that the distances are increasing between this real life couple.

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